The ten-year experience of founding partners of the BIZETA STAMPI in the mold manufacturing sector has contributed to the formulation of a policy focused mainly on the customer and the level of quality of the service offered.
BIZETA STAMPI's core business is designing and manufacturing die-casting molds for plastics and die casting.
The support that management intends to provide to its customers is still ahead of meeting its requirements, but in identifying the very requirements to be met.
The mold is a tool for obtaining a finished product; BIZETA aims to provide insights to ensure the correct filling of the mold, to provide solutions for the fastest molding cycle and to the finalization of the final parts industrialization to achieve the highest aesthetic and functional level.
Ensure, therefore, the highest quality level from the point of view of the mold operation, but also in the light of the molded part. In order to do this, it takes advantage of ten years of collaborations with designers who can support design work.
The qualitative aspect has to marry with the economic competitiveness that goes through the constant search for top-performing suppliers and with respect to delivery times (often crucial for customer types).
Sharing with the relevant parties involved in the chronological development of orders is to ensure that all the information necessary for the execution of the projects is set up at the appointed time. Complaints and internal non-conformities are the most precious inspiration that drives BIZETA to a continuous improvement because only a proper assessment of the causes of a problem can be improved; BIZETA's policy is to find solutions to problems and not guilty; In that case it would itself become part of the problem.

Cologno al Serio, 08 giugno 2017

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