BIZETA STAMPI S.R.L. is a company of design, construction, modification, repair e maintenance for plastic molds and die casting.
Company Bizeta Stampi dies stems from a decade gained by the two partners in the field of construction molds and the desire to create a new company that differs from workshops of construction molds already in the territory.
The real goal that Bizeta Stampi has set is customer satisfaction and service.
Bizeta Moulds has the presumption of being NOT the usual supplier but a support in every part of the final product, then not limited to issues of the mold but thinking, planning and building in order to obtain a perfect end product, "the injected part."
This goal stems from the awareness that the limit to make the mold, although perfect, let the customer the burden of having to think the other phases: the proper design and manufacture of injected product.

To our customers we can provide:
             - Engineering and co-design the product
             - Mold design
             - Mold making
             - Sampling mold
             - Changes molds
             - Maintenance molds
             - Repair molds

Bizeta dies is the combination of professionalism, experience, quality and perfect organization in the management and production.